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There's Nothing Like Family [0/1] Empty There's Nothing Like Family [0/1]

Post by Claire Williams on Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:08 pm

Elizabeth Williams


Elizabeth Williams is Claire Williams sister, who got lost while during the war. The truth, that Claire doesn't know, is that Elizabeth was abandoned by her parents because she was way too nice. Elizabeth has no memory of that except of her sister. She grew up with different parents who were both nicer, and accepted all bloods in District Seven and is kinder than her sister. She knows that Claire is the Headmistress and thinks she is still as nice as she used to be because of what she sees on screen. She never gives up and has lots of dreams.

Suggested portrayer is Kristen Stewart, but anyone who resembles Claire's appearance should be fine. The personality and history is all up to who claims Elizabeth.



There's Nothing Like Family [0/1] 14kcpyt
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