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The Voldy Games Site Rules Empty The Voldy Games Site Rules

Post by Claire Williams on Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:17 pm

general & out of character rules
• Please keep everything on this site PG.
• Certain threads on this site can be marked PG-13.
• There is no word count rule for out of character sections, but please try avoiding posting just one smiley emoticon, as it is considered spam. However one image is allowed.
• Do not spam the site.
• There is absolutely no advertising allowed on this site except in the advertisement forum.
• If you wish to affiliate with CTM, we have the forum here.
• Do not advertise by PM.
• Be kind to other members and staff.
• There is no hacking onto any members account (or staff’s).
• Do not argue with other staff or members.
• There is no plagiarism accepted on this site.
• Do not copy anything from this site.
• Before you request a graphic make sure you have a portrayer which you can request here.
• Please do not use shortened words such as “u” for “you” or “r” for “are” anywhere.
• Please credit graphic makers if they ask you to.

roleplaying rules

• There is no word count
• All role-plays must be written in third person and in the past tense.
• As for now, you are allowed to have one (1) character account on this site.
• You are allowed to switch your character on one account as many times as you want, but please try keeping it to a minimum, and don’t keep switching as it’s lots of work for mods and admins. (And if you would like to switch, make sure you PM a mod or admin first.)
• Wanted characters can be taken and made (make sure you "claim" the character), but the same character rules stated above will still apply.
• Before you role-play make sure you have finished a character sheet and have been accepted.
• As long as you're accepted you may post anywhere in the in-character forums in-character.
• Please keep all your threads PG, though certain threads may be marked as “PG-13”. If you change half-way through (change to PG-13) you may ask a staff member to change the title. You should mark any threads you have a feeling will turn out PG-13 as PG-13.
• Please try matching the length of the people/person you’re role-paying with as it is sometimes annoying to post a long reply then receive a short one in return.
• Do not make your character too powerful, too smart etc. In other words, perfect. That will take the fun out of others.
• If you must say something out of character in role-plays you should put them in double parenthesis ((like this)).
• Keep everything your character has and is real.
• Do not godmod another person’s character which means controlling their thoughts, and movements unless stated in their other post. You may only control your own character.
• When role-playing fights (any kind) give the other person a chance to fight back, unless plotted that the other person would lose immediately.
• You are not allowed to kill other people’s characters without their permission. Killing off characters is a big thing, and must be admin or mod-approved.
• There is role-playing school (and will be signups) for people who need help in the role-playing area.
• Plots can be made in the Plot Pages forum. Please make sure you have one thread for all your characters. That way, it keeps the forum from getting messy.
• If it’s a plot that you’d like the whole site to get into (such as a dance or party) please contact an admin or mod.
• Please do not ask to be sorted into a certain house. We will sort you based off your character sheet.
• During RP, please keep spell usage appropriate. If you are a first year don't use 'expelliarmus' because you aren't old enough. Try to follow the years and spells of the Harry Potter books. If you think one spell should be pardoned or you are confused, PM a staff member.

graphic rules & information

• Avatars should be 100x100 pixels as the board resizes avatars which are not.
• Signatures should not exceed 700x500 pixels, but can be anything lower. The reason is we do not want to stretch the board, so banners bigger than 700x500 pixels is not a good idea.
• Please credit graphic makers if they ask you to (and even if they don't, you should as it takes time and effort to create graphics.)

Please follow the rules as not following the rules will result in a ban or deletion depending on how severe the broken rule was. Any questions can be PMed to a staff member or put in the wizard's emergency portkey forum.

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